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MYACASA – Fourtwnty Live in Kuala Lumpur 2024 


November 2024


8.00 PM

(Tentatively doors open 7:00 PM)

Mega Star Arena, Plaza Sungei Wang, Kuala Lumpur 

Event Description

"Myacasà" fuses two words: "My" and "Acasà":


My: This stems from the English word "my," denoting personal ownership. Here, "My" conveys a personal connection. Additionally, "My" can symbolically represent "Malaysia" (similar to how "ID" "INA" or "IDN" represents Indonesia). Since our concert is in Malaysia, this connection with "My" fosters a sense of warmth and familiarity, bridging our nations like family.


Acasà: This means "home" in Romanian. A home is where one feels comfort, warmth, and peace. By choosing "Acasà," we aim to convey that during the concert, everyone will feel like they're in one home, a homecoming. For Fourtwnty, Malaysia is our second home. Thus, the concert will exude a homely vibe among the crowd, organizers, and all members of the Fourtwnty team and crew.


In essence, "Myacasà" captures the shared longing between Fourtwnty and our fans, a reunion after a long time apart. "Myacasà" symbolizes a collective sense of comfort, familial warmth, and the feeling of returning home. We'll enjoy this concert in a homely atmosphere, surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones.

Seating Layout


Ticket Price


Term And Conditions

  1. Each ticket admits one person only.

  2. Ticket prices shown are in MYR/RM (Malaysian Ringgit) and do not include the ticketing & processing fees. 

  3. All tickets will be sold online and issued electronically only. Printed/electronic tickets must be produced for admission. 

  4. You are limited to only 10 tickets per transaction. 

  5. Depending on your chosen payment method, a RM4 ticketing fee and a processing fee will be added to your total at checkout. 

  6. There is no refund, exchange, upgrade, or cancellation once ticket(s) are sold. Any request will not be entertained. 

  7. The Organiser/Venue Owner reserves the right without refund or compensation to refuse admission/evict any person(s) whose conduct is disorderly or inappropriate or who poses a threat to security, or the enjoyment of the Event by others. 

  8. Photography, videography and social media live streaming are prohibited. 

  9. No admission for infants in arms and children aged below 7 years old. Children aged 7 years old and above will be required to purchase an admission ticket. 

  10. Due to safety reasons, children under 16 years old are not allowed into the standing pen area. 

  11. Reselling your tickets or purchasing from an unauthorized ticket seller or ticket scalper is strictly prohibited and the Event Organiser/Promoter reserves the right to cancel such tickets without compensation and/or refuse entry to the event.

  12. Please read and understand the Purchase Policy before purchasing a ticket.

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