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December 2023


6:00 PM

(Tentatively doors open 4.30 PM)

 7 years old and above
(Please read the terms and conditions below) 
Arena Larkin Indoor Stadium 

Event Description

VIBES GIGS X JOHOR BAHRU is the first largest gigs in Johor Bahru that feature all the legendary independent bands in the industry such as Hujan, Iqbal M, The Times, ACAB, Gerhana Skacinta, Azlan & The Typewriter,  Joanna & Co. and Svasta which held in an air-conditioned indoor stadium with a close-range view to the stage.

Seating Layout


Ticket Price


11.11 Special until 22 December!


Term And Conditions

  1. Each ticket admits one person only.

  2. Ticket prices shown are in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) and inclusive of the RM4 ticketing fee.

  3. All tickets will be sold online and issued electronically only. 

  4. Maximum 10 tickets per transaction.

  5. A processing fee will be applied at the checkout.

  6. No food and drinks are allowed in the venue.

  7. CANCELLATIONS, REFUNDS and ANY CHANGES are not permitted once ticket(s) are sold.

  8. Children aged 6 years and below will not be allowed entry to the event. Children aged 7 – 16 must have a valid admission ticket and must be accompanied by an adult/parent/guardian aged 21 and above. Children below 16 are not allowed to enter the free-standing area. Tickets are sold at a standard price, regardless of age. 

  9. Reselling your tickets or purchasing from an unauthorized ticket seller or ticket scalper is strictly prohibited and the Event Organiser/Promoter reserves the right to cancel such tickets without compensation and/or refuse entry to the event.

  10. Please read and understand the Purchase Policy before purchasing a ticket.

Covid-19 Safe Measures & Conditions

Please consider your health condition before arriving at the venue on the show day. If you are Covid-positive, in quarantine due to Covid, have been in close contact with a Covid-positive person, or are displaying Covid-19 symptoms, please refrain from coming to the venue. Contact our Ticketing Support for further assistance. 

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